Dentist George Frank Roach Explains Benefits of Recent Reprint from Journal of the American Dental Association

Dr. Frank Roach

June 12, 2020

Dentist Frank Roach

Dentist George Frank Roach Explains Benefits of Recent Reprint from Journal of the American Dental Association

BROOKHAVEN, GA, USA, June 12, 2020 /– Renowned Dentist George Frank Roach shares with readers how a reprint of JADA’s “For the Patient” section offers many benefits for maintaining oral health.

Dentist Frank Roach is a supporter of the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), which consistently sheds light on pressing topics in the world of dentistry. He remarks on how the publication always provides useful information for professionals such as himself while sharing helpful, practical knowledge with average readers.

“One of the most useful sections for readers is entitled ‘For the Patient,’ which features educational columns on oral health topics such as lifestyle habits and their effects, potential diseases, and proper daily care,” says Dentist Dr. Roach. “The monthly feature can be found either on the last page of the printed edition or else in a new collection on the JADA website. The section is produced by the ADA Science & Research Institute and focuses on sharing scientific and educational information that’s easy to understand.”

All the topics appearing in the “For the Patient” section consist of novel breakthroughs in the dental and other related health fields, oral concerns rarely addressed elsewhere, and new or updated treatment guidelines for enhancing oral health. In the past, the section has covered subjects like human papillomavirus vaccinations, improved antibiotic use, brushing habits, and tooth decay among many others.

Dentist George Frank Roach

Recently, the ADA Foundation sponsored a reprint of various “For the Patient” pages which they compiled into a new collection and published through The Journal of the American Dental Association. All members who receive the publication in the mail will get a copy of the reprint collection, whose online component officially launched on May 22.“The ‘For the Patient’ section is unlike other areas of the journal in that it can be reprinted and sent out to patients as needed,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “The reprint collection that was sponsored by the ADA consists of 21 columns covering numerous topics that have been highlighted in past publications.”The style of the reprint, Dentist George Frank Roach tells us, is written in a way that is easy to read for patients but also acts as a launching point for critical conversations between them and their dental health providers. Patients can use the columns at home to better their own health and understanding or in dentists’ offices where they can reference them to bring up pressing points with professionals like Dr. Frank Roach.

Chair of the ADA Foundation Dr. Craig S. Armstrong says the group takes great pleasure in sponsoring the reprint collection and believes it will be a guiding light to many patients in the future.

Brookhaven Dentist George Frank Roach