Pilot Dr. Frank Roach on the Many Benefits of Flying Via Private Jet

Dr. Frank Roach

December 30, 2020

Pilot Dr. Frank Roach recently discussed the benefits of flying via private jet, especially during a pandemic.

 The year 2020 has drastically changed the way we travel. For many, it has eliminated travel. Traveling via commercial airline during a pandemic is certainly risky, and it poses several other downfalls too. Pilot Dr. Frank Roach recently discussed why flying via private jet can be much more advantageous this year.

“This first thing we must consider during a pandemic is safety,” Dr. Frank Roach said. “It’s undeniable that flying via private jet provides a safer atmosphere than boarding a commercial airline in a crowded terminal.”

Dr. Frank Roach explained that private jets are much smaller and contain fewer touch points. In fact, research has shown that travelers flying commercially pass 700 touch points throughout the flight process. According to GlobeAir AG, those flying via private jet pass roughly 20 touch points total. Those who fly privately fly with drastically fewer people or even alone with family members. This can greatly decrease the chance of passing illness.

“Right now, the number of flights available are greatly limited,” Dr. Frank Roach said. “However, private jets can access cities, states, and countries that commercial flights may not be accessing. If you need to travel somewhere, a private jet may be your only option.”

Additionally, Dr. Frank Roach stated that you’ll spend drastically less time traveling if you choose a private jet. Those who fly commercially spend hours at the airport awaiting check-in, security, and the flight itself. Those who fly via private jet only need to arrive at the terminal 15 minutes before flight time. Procedures, like check-in, security, and customs, take minutes instead of hours. Less time in the airport means less chance of contamination.

“The year 2020 has been less than comfortable,” Dr. Frank Roach said. “Private jets allow the extra luxuries you’re probably seeking this year.”

Dr. Frank Roach explained that private jets are typically loaded with amenities and allow customers more freedom to bring additional luggage and pets. Most offer extremely comfortable seating, and some are even equipped with showers or master bedrooms. Passengers can even request the food and drinks they’d like to have on board, providing an unrivaled travel experience in a year that has been less than luxurious.

“In my opinion, a private jet is the only way to travel in 2020,” Dr. Frank Roach said. “It’s drastically safer, more comfortable, and depending on where you want to travel, it may be the only reliable option available.”

Dr. Frank Roach finished by stating that once a traveler flies via private jet, they’ll probably never want to fly with a commercial airline again.